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I’m a professional library systems/IT guy who has had to deal with just about every desktop OS that has come out in the last 15 years. I’ve had to do a lot of locating the “right tool for the job” while balancing budget and hardware limitations and meeting user and management expectations. As a result, I’ve become something of a software pragmatist: things like functionality and stability matter more than “taking sides.” It also means that my use of Linux in the workplace is as much practical as it is philosophical.

In my personal life, I’m a gamer, (American) football fanatic and general all-around geek. I’m also an amateur political scientist on the side, and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha. (I can toot my own horn in here, right?) In that realm, I’m particularly interested in the intersection of law and politics, especially in the realms of matters pertaining to speech, intellectual property and other related issues.


5 thoughts on “About Joe

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  2. First: glad to hear about you getting a job.
    Second: really enjoyed your review about regarding lxde on
    mint w/ fluxbox, and associated config solutions.

    Currently Im trying distros for friends, family w/ older hardware and so tried lxde on mint/fluxbox as you did.

    Would like to use it myself, but cant figure how to manage automount for partitions.

    Usually I keep one primary partition to experiment with, for BSDs and various debian flavors/derivitives (sp?) and a logical partition to keep backups. configs, etc. and would like those to stay unmounted except when needed thru sudo.

    though these partitions show up in pcman, they don’t in mtab, fstab, etc so maybe udev or devicekit/configs is where to look. Looked at the stuff in /etc/xdg and /lxde but couldn’t turn up anything of value.

    Feel free to point me to another source, documentation
    the arch docs are the best so far, as per your reader molly harris, but there’s not a lot on this particular issue.

    Sorry to be so long, and looking forward to your upgrade article. Linux and FOSS needs articulate and knowledge critics so keep up the writing!


    P.S. Did you hear from any of the devs about your article?

    • Trent is the one who got the job, actually.

      I haven’t messed with partition auto-mounting yet, sad to say, but I might be interested in tackling that in the not too distant future. For now, though, I’m hearing strong rumors of an imminent Mint LXDE Community Edition. If that happens, I’ll be putting that through its paces in short order!

      • Trent is the one who got the job, actually.

        Common mistake, actually. It’s easy enough to remember though. I’m the one with the hat. 😉

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