Chromium extension suggestions?

Okay, since I’m starting to realize that it’s time to bail on Firefox as my primary browser, the next one down my list in order of browsers which annoy me the least these days is Chromium.

However, it’s still pretty annoying and still lacks a lot of functionality and flexibility. Since The Linux Critic is the best way I know to reach out to the community, I’m counting on you guys to give me some extension suggestions, because on my own so far I’m really not finding anything I need, no matter how hard I look.

Chromium is extensible, right? So here’s what I need…

There is supposedly a robust extensions ecosystem around Chrome/Chromium, but my searches have been pretty disappointing. One would think that with such a limited-feature-set browser that has a developer-friendly extension API, there’d be extensions to address all of my needs, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places?

Anyway, here is my list of things with which I’m hoping you fine people can help me. Any suggestions for add-ons that might meet these needs, please post in the comments section and I’ll be eternally grateful!

Tabs on top

By and large, the thing that drives me the most crazy about Chromium is the location of the tabs. Is there an extension/add-on out there that can allow the user to relocate the tabs to their proper position, i.e., below the address bar?

All the other stuff that bugs me about Chromium? It’s all doable. I can learn to deal. I’ve been putting up with browser annoyances for years. So I’ve learned to take a lot of them in stride. But this one? No. There simply HAS to be a way to fix this.

Tabs and mouse clicking behavior

This one’s resolved in Firefox by the ever-popular Tab Mix Plus add-on. In Chromium, oh how I miss it so.

I want to be able to configure Chromium so that if I double-click on the tab bar, it opens a new tab instead of the rather counter-intuitive behavior it does by default (it resizes the entire window).

I could probably also eliminate two other extensions I already have in Chromium (“Sexy Undo Close Tab” and “New Tabs Always Last”) if Tab Mix Plus (or something like it) existed for Chromium, because those are behaviors that need fixing too, and Tab Mix Plus does a great job of it in Firefox. I’m unconvinced that there isn’t some sort of Chromium equivalent of this add-on… I just must be missing it.

Disable address bar suggestions and autocomplete

Whenever I type a URL in Chromium’s address bar, it drops down and starts suggesting things. I don’t want it to do this, but there isn’t a way to disable this annoying, distracting behavior natively, and I haven’t found any extensions that have anything to do with it.

Address bar hides the most important part of the URL

This is such basic behavior that I refuse to believe that there isn’t an extension out there to fix this. Chromium chops off the “http://” in front of URLs in the address bar, no matter how you type them there. There’s nothing in the options to turn this annoying and potentially hazardous behavior off, so there must be an extension to address this, but I can’t find one.

Status bar?

Is there a Chromium equivalent for the popular Firefox add-on, Status-4-Evar?


That’s it. Those are the biggies. If I can find extensions to overcome those shortcomings, Chromium will be a much more tolerable browser for me. The tabs on top thing is almost a dealbreaker for me, so I’m seriously hoping there is a way to remedy that.

My own searches have yielded little. So here’s hoping that some of you out there reading this can point out something I missed in the extensions department.

Thanks in advance!

— Trent

3 thoughts on “Chromium extension suggestions?

  1. You might want to go to “UnitedRoot” (googleable), the have a reworked firefox they call “Sundial”.
    I rather suspect that they won’t be revising as frequently as the firefox zoo crew, ( that’s my hope at least ).
    You WILL want to alter some things, they have some content that you may want to delete in the pre-bookmarked stuff (ooor maybe not 😉 ), but all in all , it seems to be solid , I have’nt come across any traps or time bombs ( yet ).But it would be nice if someone else would have a look at it.

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