Help a fellow techie out?

The primary way I have the time lately to write so much here at Linux Critic is largely due to the fact that I’m currently unemployed.

Now, I’m the kind of guy who’s normally used to having a lot of irons in the fire. I’m always tinkering with things, finding better ways of doing things, and I troubleshoot stuff that I find wrong pretty much compulsively. I normally work in IT (of course), specifically support/helpdesk. In fact, my last “real job” had me managing a helpdesk at a company that hosted hundreds of Windows Terminal Servers for thousands of end users, and I liked it a lot.

Yeah, I know, it was an almost 100% Windows shop, but for what that company does, it’s the Right Tool For The Right Job — that’s still important, remember?

Anyway, being unemployed for an extended amount of time when one is used to that kind of high pressure, fast paced work environment as the norm doesn’t exactly scratch the usual technology itch for me. That’s a big part of why I started this blog to begin with; I’m a very passionate person when it comes to technology.

As I told my wife not too long ago, not only do I like digging into tech and then writing about it here… I have to. It’s part of what I am. I MUST keep moving forward, I HAVE to keep learning more about the world around me, particularly when it comes to technology, pretty much of ANY sort. Linux and open source software is an area of enormous personal interest to me, so it’s a natural choice to scratch that itch for me.

So, with that said, I still need income.

I know, the market sucks right now, and there’s a lot of competition out there. But the only way I’ve ever gotten worthwhile jobs has been networking, and what better way to network than with a technology blog read exclusively by techies?

So if you would be willing to help a fellow techie out, I need a job. I realize that you guys are far-flung, all over the place (there was an argument that at least in part took place in what I think was Hungarian yesterday!), but if any of you know of a job that might be a good fit for a professional troubleshooter and technology expert such as myself that happens to be in the Central Minnesota area, or at least willing to let someone like me telecommute, please let me know.

My email address is

I’m open to temporary positions, consulting, and permanent positions. If someone out there is actually interested in hiring me directly, send me an email and if it’s for real I’ll send you back a copy of my resume and we can talk about it.

Thanks, all!

And thanks for reading! When I started Linux Critic it was really more of a way for me to organize my thoughts on what I’ve been doing in the Linux world lately, and give me something to do… I never thought I’d be getting 12,000+ hits a month with it.

So thanks for the attention, and even more so, thanks for the comments. I love and appreciate the input! Take care!


7 thoughts on “Help a fellow techie out?

  1. Hey Trent!

    I just started reading your blog not too long ago and decided to comment. I was where you are right now ( unemployed ) not too long ago and I have to agree; the best way to move around in the world is through networking. I truly hope that someone can help you the same way you’ve helped us out.

    Good luck,

    – Algol

    • Hey, thanks for the encouragement and the kind words! I’m just glad someone besides myself is finding some value in Linux Critic!

      I figured it was worth a shout out to see if there were any job leads out there; I certainly haven’t had much luck finding them on my own lately. :-/

      • As cliché as the saying it is, it’s also very true; Don’t give up. I thought that, because of my age ( I just turned 23 not too long ago ), I was going to have a hard time finding a job. It appears to me that everyone is in search of experience. Fortuantely, someone gave me a shot and things are working out great for both sides. From what you’ve said ( and what you’ve written ), it looks to me like things will work out for you soon enough.

        • As a matter of fact, a recruiter saw my resume on and called me this morning about a temporary consulting gig. I have a phone interview for it tomorrow morning.

          It’s not what I want — I really need a regular full-time job — but it’s something, at least, right? Even a temporary job is a temporary solution.

          Again, thanks for the encouragement. I just have to keep plugging away at it!

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