Fluxbox screenshot time

I posted a screenshot in my Fluxbox article a month ago, but Fluxbox is just so tweakable and so sharp looking I feel the need to post another screenshot just to illustrate that.

This is Fluxbox v1.0.0 with the “sid_fluxarnation” style, running on top of Slackware 12.1. I don’t recall where I got the sid_fluxarnation style, but you can easily find one like it, among about a billion others by going here or by following any of the other links in the “styles” section at the bottom of this page on the Fluxbox site.

Also in that screenshot, you can see I’m running GKrellM 2.3.1, using the K5-FVWM theme for it which I downloaded from Muhri.net.

As always, if anyone has questions regarding how to configure or tweak their Fluxbox setup, let me know. It’s easier than you might think! Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Fluxbox screenshot time

  1. Hi,
    I installed Fluxbux to my suse, but slit didn’t come by default. I only have the bottom toolbar, not the stack on the right. How do I bring it?

    • Ozgur, the the “stack on the right” you see in my screenshots isn’t the slit itself, just some dockable applets I have attached to it. There isn’t really anything “visible” about the slit.

      To enable the slit in Fluxbox, go to the Fluxbox “Configure” menu, and under there you will find a “Slit” submenu. Under that is the list of options that control where the slit is located (I have mine on the “Right Bottom”), and a few other things.

      To utilize it, simply install a few applets that normally live there. I did a writeup of how to do that a while back, with focus on GKrellM, wmweather and wmix, but now I also use wmcpuload, wmnetload, and wmmemload as well, all of which play a little nicer with the Fluxbox Slit than GKrellM does.

      Good luck!

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