Great Slackware writeup

I make no secret of my Slackware evangelism. In a recent post I told the story of how I came to Slackware, and why I still use it.

I’ve been meaning to do an in-depth writeup on Slackware, and I probably still will, and most likely it will be in pieces, because I think there’s a lot to discuss. However, someone else has done a great writeup on my favorite distro and I felt the need to share it with the four or five readers I have (thanks for the link, Joe!).

From The beginner’s guide to Slackware Linux:

“It’s not trying to win enormous desktop market share, nor is it loaded with blinking lights, hold-your-hand graphical wizards and package managers that change with every release. Slackware is about as pure a GNU/Linux system as you can get – at least, without all the arduous leg work of Linux From Scratch.”

3 thoughts on “Great Slackware writeup

  1. I read that last night. That was a good article! Today I’m testing (OMG!) Fedora 11/LXDE on my laptop. After I’m done with that little sidetrip, I’ll either reinstall Arch, or go Slack. We’ll see how it shakes out.

  2. It’s pretty tasty. Nice rolling release distro, and very stable, even given that. Before I got the itch to try F11, I had updated to the latest kernel, 2.6.30, without a hitch.

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